Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:19-20

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where in the world is Elder Butler now?!

hey mom!
Well, I'm in the zone Nimajuyu. If you look on a map, it's z. 21. My area is called Venezuela 1. I'm in charge of my area and Venezuela 2. The area is really small. The ward is incredible here. They give so much support to the mission work. President only had me train one missionary due to missionaries receiving their visas, and a few had to have surgeries. My comp's name is Elder D. He's from Chimaltenango, and is waiting for his visa to go to Bolivia. He got some bad news yesterday, though, that they rejected his visa. It's because he changed his last name, and it's different from the paperwork that he presented to get his visa.......they have to restart the process. Pray that it will be able to go through. He really wants to go to Bolivia.
We had a great first week, though. The area was kind of tattered when I got here, but Sunday we had 9 visitors at church! For a lot of them it was their first time. I feel like we're working with a lot of faith right now. On the 2nd of June, we're having a "white sunday (domingo blanco)" for the stake, in that every group of missionaries is going to have somebody ready to baptize that day. Basically, a giant baptismal service for the entire stake. it's going to be amazing! We've got a couple that we're going to try to have baptized that day. Pray for us so that we'll be able to help these people make good decisions and make covenants. 

I've been trying super hard to be focused and faithful. I feel like I've been doing good with that. I forgot to tell you, the zone that I'm in is one of the zones that the South Mission is going to take at the end of June. It's very likely that I'll be going to the South mission. It's sad because I love this mission, I definitely won't be able to see my converts, and Pres. B. is one of my heroes. If God needs me in the South Mission, that's where I'm supposed to go. It'll be alright, though, because my companion from the CCM and many other friends that I made there are serving there. It will be fine. It's not set in stone, but it's very likely. President B. hasn't told me directly that I'm going to that mission, but it's really probable. Oh well. I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord!
Well the phone call was great! I can't believe how old John is. You all look great but the time is too short, though. We'll do better for the Christmas phonecall! jajajajajaja I can't believe that I'm now heading onto the 14 month mark. Jeez I'm old. I feel like time in the mission just doesn't exist.
I took a bunch of pics when I left Palin, but I can't upload them because there's no attachment here. It's all good. I'll try to send them over next week. It was pretty sad leaving. Saying goodbye to The R. Family and the G. family was super difficult. After visiitng all the time for the past 8 months, it was really hard to do. But that 's the mission. Luckily, I was able to say goodbye to all of my converts. Some of them weren't home or were really hard to track down, but I ended up running into them in the street! I know God answers our prayers. Elder R.was really sad, too. We got along really well at the end of the change  It'll be fine, though. President put a really good missionary there who's getting ready to go home soon. He was a zone leader for about 7 or 8 changes, so it'll be fine. I'm so thankful for the time I had there.
Well I love you guys a ton! Hope everything goes well for graduation. I know it's a hectic time, but everything will go well. Make sure to help out the missionaries! Give them a reference or 3.
Con amor eterno,
Elder Butler

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well I'm movin' on up.....

Hey mom!

yes, I'm going to be training 2 missionaries at the same time! it's going to be a pretty big challenge, but I welcome it with open arms!

I'm definitely bummed that I'm leaving Palin. This place is my home. I tell everyone that I'm "palineco". I'm going to take some more pictures of the area before I leave. I just love it here. The bishopric is super awesome, great ward. I'm truy going to miss this place. 

Thanks for everything! I've been packing a little bit, and it cracks me up that I've received 4 or 5 packages here lol. I'm soooooo old. 

Well tomorrow will be super crazy. I'm wondering where they'll send me.....who knows. All that President told me is that it's gong to be a big challenge.....challenge accepted!

It was absolutely great to talk with you guys. It goes by so doggone quick though.....It's all good though. John sounds super old now.... time just absolutely flies. But i want to see some photo evidence of that first!

Well I am going up! I have interview with President Brough which means I'll be going into another leadership position! I'm stoked, it'll be a good time for me to learn. 

So what's going on in the NBA? 

Well I'm excited to start another chapter in my mission. I hope that I can keep growing and progressing. Love you guys so much! thanks for all of your support and for not giving up on me.


Elder Butler