Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:19-20

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Musings from the mission field

Buenas! (That's the greeting here lol, too lazy to put the other exclamation point)

Last night was rough. We left the apartment late because we slept late. I woke up at 4:55 and my comp woke up at 5. We left at 520. I felt so sad that iI broke a rule, and truly wanted to repent. I'm praying, repenting, and trying to change everyday. Isn't that what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about? True change. I'm trying SO HARD to change our methods and how we can work better.

I ran so i could get to the apartment on time and obey. My comp walked and said it was dangerous to run in the rain, even though we've done it before. We can't afford to be disobedient. We forfeit too many blessings through it. I want every family and person in Guatemala to experience the same blessings we've had.

It's important to ALWAYS have an attitude of WE'RE GOING TO SUCCEED, and if you don't, you go back to the drawing board, and like Will's saying was when he got back from the mission JUST DO IT. I've quit making excuses and just changed my outlook on the mission. I really hope i stay in this area for the next exchange because i can't hang my hat at the end of this exchange and feel like we got some work done.

Oh well. i'm going to do better. i'm going to overcome this hurdle. I'm not going to let my challenges affect me, but i'm going to affect my challenges and overcome them. Todo alma, mente, fuerza, y corazon.

Favorite scripture i read this week was i Ether 6:3. It's so simple. It talks about the stones the brother of Jared had the Lord touch, and how the Jaredites were able to cross the sea in light, not darkness because they had the stones. What a great scripture we can apply to our lives! How many "bright stones" do we have to lead us through the darkness of this life? Ay! tenemos muchos para ayudarnos en este vida! Tan grande, bastante! I'm glad to hear you guys are reading as a family. Small and simple things bring to pass many great things!

I'm glad you were able to grow some corn. Trust me, i pray for you and the garden everyday because I know how important it is to you. You have to power to overcome every obstabcle in your life because you're a faithful saint who honors her covenants.

Love you mom. I'm always remembering things you've taught me. I'm so blessed to have you as a mom. Siempre le amo!

Con Amor Eterno,
Elder Bootler (that's how people pronounce my name here lol)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mission work

Well this week picked up. We had 5 investigators attend church. Please pray for us! I've really been trying to push the envelope here because nothing is too big for the work of the Lord.

I can see the fruits of my fast from the previous week. Mas paciencia, mas entendentmieto del idioma, y mas importante mas presencia del Espiritu.

How are the family studies going? I'm finished Mormon, and i'm so surprised about how much stuff i overlooked. Preach My Gospel has very few references to the section, but it's filled with an abundance of things that can help us in our lives. I can't imagine how depressed Mormon and Moroni were, being hunted down, seeing all of their civilization dead. Mormon had to lead an army he knew was going to fail, and he was even killed later on. What a lesson in patience. In my Book of Mormon, it looks like a coloring book at the end of the section of Mormon with all the things i've highlighted. I found a scripture today that is a perfect for one of our investigors. He doesn't believe in prophets or anything of that nature. In chapter 9, it says if you don't believe those things, you don't read the scriptures. If you do read the scriptures and still don't believe, you don't understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I read those verses, I was enlightened! Man i love the scriptures. Read them as a family!

Congrats to B and T I'm excited to hear where they will be going! I'm praying for the mission house to sell also.

Thanks for clearing up the gym situation. I'm doing fine right now. I think the next time i'm in the capital i'm going to grab some protein at a GNC, because we don't have a lot of time to cook or eat, and a protein shake could really help me out during the day. Just thought i would give you a heads up. I have 3 more weeks until the Reunion de Cambios, My Zone Leaders and District Leaders tell me I will probably be staying in Puerta. That would be great I love the area and the people are great. There's plenty of people here estan listo a venir a Cristo!

Glad the garden is getting somewhat better. One good thing about the heat i'm experiencing here is that I'm never going to complain about Ohio heat again! I'm accustomed to sweating profusely! When I come home you won't have to worry about AC at all! Do you guys want a hammock? We have an investigator that makes really nice ones and they aren't very expensive. Let me know. A little love from Guate!

Thanks for the advice to help me overcome my impatience. I've implemented them, and the thing I needed to do was to give counsel without getting outrageously ticked. I read in Proverbs or Psalms (can't remember) that those who are quick to anger are fools. LOL, WOW, that's a humbling scripture.

I love you guys a ton and i'm praying for you constantly. I know you are as well. Next week will be 4 months in the mission! Ay yi yi donde el tiempo ir a?

Love you guys. Once again, TENGO MUCHO AMOR PARA USTEDES!

Elder Butler

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zone Conference

Sorry for the late email. Tuviamos La Conferencia de Zona ayer. Muy bonita. Presidente Brough is probably one of the coolest leaders known to man.

I talked to presidente on the phone, and he probably gives the most loving chiqote (chastising) ever. He told me to continue trying my best. I bet you are wondering what happened to your son Sam, but it's for real. The mission turns boys into MEN), It's been 3 days and i've been doing a lot better. I haven't been short tempered and I'm able to feel the Spirit much more during the day.

On a good note, my Spanish has taken off. I have full conversations with everybody now, and i can understand a lot more. Don't get me wrong, i'm not fluent, but I know i'm being blessed for my service. The missionaries at the Zone Conference commented on it also. They asked "you're a trainee aren't you?" I've been extremely blessed. I have to continue working everyday and learning more vocabulary.

Ayer, ensenamos un familia nueva. Ellos tuvieron miedo de oracion. Despues varios veces, yo di mi testimonio, and rattled off Spanish i've never used, rapidly i might add, and they understood and accepted the invitaton to pray. Wow, it was 100 percent the Spirit helping me help los hijos de Dios.

Well i'm glad everything is going well at home. Keep updating me on everything. Not sure how much i can do for absentee ballot. When do i have to send it in?

Next package please send a pack of Uno cards. The branch president here loved it. He served in Texas, and they don't sell it here. He's a great guy and bends over backwards to help us out.

Thanks for everything you do. finished 3rd Nephi this week. I love how simply 3 Nephi states the gospel of Jesus Christ so clearly. it's true that even a child could read it and understand. love you guys and wish you the best in everything.

Con amor eterno,
Elder Butler

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mission News

Life in Guatemala

Hola Madre!

I'm so sorry for the short emails. you're always the last person i email because i save the best for last, but by the time i check the clock it's almost time to go! No mas! voy a enviar su correro primer siempre! PLEASE have all those that i email forward them to each other. President Brough has us email for one hour so we don't use excessive amounts of time on the computer on p-day. I WANT TO WRITE SO MUCH MORE!!!! i simply just don't have a lot of time.

Some cool things i think you would like to hear

1. Samuel The Lamanite! that should be the name of my blog.. Whenever we have to go to the Capital one elder stands at the front and shouts above the noise of the crowd proclaiming the gospel. I absolutely love doing it. yo literalmente siento como un profeta antigua, como Samuel La Lamanita!

2. I saw a Downs person on the bus the other day! I couldn't really talk to him, but it was cool to see one of my buddies here in the land of chapins.

3. Funny story from the CCM. My companion and I were looking in the dictionary for the word try and found "probar". The next day, some merchants came to the CCM to sell various things. I started a conversation with one of the vendors (served her mission in Miami so her english is really good). I then proceeded to try and tell her in espanol "i will try to speak spanish". Instead, i said "yo robar..." and she immediately flipped out. I then figured out later that robar means to steal. Lesson learned, DON'T SAY ROBAR IN A MARCADO!

I need a new picture of dad. We had a really bad storm that blew open the door next to my desk. the picture flew off my desk and into some rain water. i can still see dad in it but it's really faded. if you just email it I think i'm going to buy a flashdrive. ill put the file on the flashdrive and take it to the photo developer in Puerto.

My BoM story of the week is in 3 Nephi 19:3 where it talks about how Jesus left the Nephites, but promised to return on the morrow. All the Nephites prepared through the night and worked super dilligently so they could see the Savior the next day. I like to think of that as preparation for the Sabbath. Given, we don't see Christ, but we can most certainly feel His presence on the Sabbath. It's a great scripture to apply for everyone, member or not, to simply put more preparation for the day we meet to feel our Savior's Love.

Con Amor Eterno,
Elder Samuel Forrest Butler

21st Birthday

Hey mom!

Sorry this email will be short. had trouble trying to upload picture(s). Estoy muy animo su jardin es grande! I actually do need your help in renewing my license. I don't have anytime (even pday) to renew. Luckily, Presidente said it isn't a big issue when i renew it.

I'm loving the work. we received to commitments for baptism in two days, and hopefully more to come! My desire to serve grows more and more every day. I love the people and I love the work. My Spanish is rapidly progressing. Just a few more conjugations i have to remember. We went to Antigua yesterday (big tourist town, really different) for a zone activity. One of the older Norte Elders told my trainer that i was doing really well with speaking and listening to people's questions and trying to help them. It really humbled me to know that the people can understnad me (I even convinced a guy after 5 minutes to let us into his home and teach him, no joke! I later was able to get him to commit to baptism if he knew the Gospel was true.) I know it's no mere coincidence. el don de lenguas.

I love you and think about you all the time. i don't have any crazy experiences. Tell everyone thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll try to send some letters out next pday. keep sending the large emails, i love hearing about everything! Send bishop my greetings and sincere gratitude for all the help he's given me.

I love you guys so much! Remember the hand of the Lord is in all things!

With Eternal Love,
Elder Butler