Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:19-20

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mission work

Well this week picked up. We had 5 investigators attend church. Please pray for us! I've really been trying to push the envelope here because nothing is too big for the work of the Lord.

I can see the fruits of my fast from the previous week. Mas paciencia, mas entendentmieto del idioma, y mas importante mas presencia del Espiritu.

How are the family studies going? I'm finished Mormon, and i'm so surprised about how much stuff i overlooked. Preach My Gospel has very few references to the section, but it's filled with an abundance of things that can help us in our lives. I can't imagine how depressed Mormon and Moroni were, being hunted down, seeing all of their civilization dead. Mormon had to lead an army he knew was going to fail, and he was even killed later on. What a lesson in patience. In my Book of Mormon, it looks like a coloring book at the end of the section of Mormon with all the things i've highlighted. I found a scripture today that is a perfect for one of our investigors. He doesn't believe in prophets or anything of that nature. In chapter 9, it says if you don't believe those things, you don't read the scriptures. If you do read the scriptures and still don't believe, you don't understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I read those verses, I was enlightened! Man i love the scriptures. Read them as a family!

Congrats to B and T I'm excited to hear where they will be going! I'm praying for the mission house to sell also.

Thanks for clearing up the gym situation. I'm doing fine right now. I think the next time i'm in the capital i'm going to grab some protein at a GNC, because we don't have a lot of time to cook or eat, and a protein shake could really help me out during the day. Just thought i would give you a heads up. I have 3 more weeks until the Reunion de Cambios, My Zone Leaders and District Leaders tell me I will probably be staying in Puerta. That would be great I love the area and the people are great. There's plenty of people here estan listo a venir a Cristo!

Glad the garden is getting somewhat better. One good thing about the heat i'm experiencing here is that I'm never going to complain about Ohio heat again! I'm accustomed to sweating profusely! When I come home you won't have to worry about AC at all! Do you guys want a hammock? We have an investigator that makes really nice ones and they aren't very expensive. Let me know. A little love from Guate!

Thanks for the advice to help me overcome my impatience. I've implemented them, and the thing I needed to do was to give counsel without getting outrageously ticked. I read in Proverbs or Psalms (can't remember) that those who are quick to anger are fools. LOL, WOW, that's a humbling scripture.

I love you guys a ton and i'm praying for you constantly. I know you are as well. Next week will be 4 months in the mission! Ay yi yi donde el tiempo ir a?

Love you guys. Once again, TENGO MUCHO AMOR PARA USTEDES!

Elder Butler

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