Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:19-20

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life is good...

Querido Mama,

ay yi yi!!!! estaba casi a preguntarles como estan las elecciones.  podan moverse aqui en Las Victorias! The area we live in is really nice. Gated community, swimming pools, basketball courts, tiendas (shops) that deliver to your house! you would love it here. Yes, none of the houses have ventilation because they're made out of concrete, but they're pretty nice, and we have other gringo families that live in the ward! (there's a big project in santa lucia and there's various mormon families that came here to work). But i understand the dilemma. I loved following the elections. The scriptures have the blueprint on how to have a succesful people. They fight for freedom, families, and protection. If someone is going to be running our country in a way that's against these teachings, say amen to him and his authority! 

thanks for sending that information! I talked with the nurse yesterday and there's an optometrist i can visit for 150q that speaks engish. WIN

Well we had stake conference this week. We got to here from 2 70's, Elder Cesar Gonzalez y Elder Carlos Amado. I love listening to General Authorities speak. The new stake was organized in Frutal, so now we have 10 zones. We're working hard to baptize families this month. We've got plenty of people to work with, and the Lord will bless us if we're obedient and diligent.

Well changes are next week. who knows what's going to happen with Elder S. and I. This change has gone by really quick. It seems like yesterday i was in Peronia packing my bags. That's just mission time. everything flies! 

So what's this I've been hearing about New York being flooded? 

thanks for sending all those things for me. I know i'm high maintenance, but you've just gotta love me!

I've been reading Jesus the Christ a lot. I can now see why you like to study Jewish society and history so much. I just read about the classes of the Jews, the Pharisees and Sadducee  It's interesting to see how them putting more emphasis in the law than it's meaning is really interesting. I would love to study more about it when i get home! Funny story. Some of the footnotes that James E. Talmadge uses are from the Apocrypha. I tried looking for the book of the Maccabees in the Bible, but couldn't find it anywhere. It was driving me nuts trying to find that book, until i realized that the apocrypha isn't in the bible. I felt like a real dweeb lol. That's another book i would like to read when i get home from the mission. 

So i decided to save some money and develop a new talent. I bought a set of clippers yesterday and cut my own hair. Although my intentions were good, the results were disastrous  I didn't blend the top of my hair very well (actually, i just didn't blend it at all), and i shaved it on a 2. I screwed up the back of my hairline, which is now crooked. My comp couldn't help because he's really sick, so i was left to my lonesome. It's not horrible or distracting, but it's definitely not barbershop quality. 

Please pray for my comp. He's not doing so well right now, health wise. It's hard for him to work and teach. Your prayers were definitely answered last week. we had a better week, and we're really trying to push the work along here. 

Glad to hear everything's going well at home. November is always the difficult month for lawn/house work. How's Ellie doing? i just realized she'll be 9 or 10 when i get home. I just hope she can stick it out until then.

W. forwarded me an email that i didn't understand. Nonetheless, i'm still proud of him and the progress he's made.

J. is always going to be an awesome guy. I can't believe he's as tall as R, now! Stop feeding that kid!

I'm sending an email to R. after this.

How's the B. clan doing?

Well I always hate ending these emails because there's always a looming sense that i forgot something or that i didn't include enough. Forgive me for being boring with my emails. I promise we'll have may stories to share when i get home. I'll save that one for next week. Well i love you guys a ton, and your examples have played such an important role in my life. I hope that someday i can payback everything you guys have done for me. Love you guys with all my heart. Hasta la proxima semana!

Con Amor Eterno, 
Elder Butler

P.S. How are the Buckeyes and the Eagles doing

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